Can be used in all Solidscape 3D printers.

100% compatible with existing Solidscape materials.

Half the price.

Excellent jetting performance.

No curl.

Custom colors available.

Jet-Wax Releases 2nd Generation Materials

Jet-Wax Laboratories is pleased to announce the release of our 2nd generation of Build and Support materials for use in all types of Solidscape 3D printers.

New Jet-Wax BUILD and Jet-Wax SUPPORT have superior performance characteristics to Solidscape's Indura material system. The advantages of include:

  • Jet-Wax SUPPORT has superior adhesion to build material, significantly less curl and thermal expansion. There is no lower-surface chipping or cracking of delicate features when de-waxing.
  • Jet-Wax BUILD is stronger and tougher than InduraCast, resulting in less breakages.
  • Jet-Wax SUPPORT now has a higher softening temperature for improved cutting in warmer environments without the need for air conditioning.

Explore this website to learn about the advantages of Jet-Wax materials, pricing information, and purchasing details.